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  • PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (116): Europe (Russia) zoo, wild bird, backyard, HPAI H5N1, OIE
    Mon, 20 Sep 2021 15:46:50 -0400
    Avian Influenza H5N1 -- Russia
    Report type: immediate notification
    Started: 27 Aug 2021
    Confirmed: 2 Sep 2021
    Reported: 15 Sep 2021
    Reason for notification: recurrence
    Last occurrence: 13 Dec 2020
    Causal agent: highly pathogenic avian influenza virus
    Serotype: H5N1
    Nature of diagnosis: clinical, laboratory
    This event pertains to a defined zone within the country.
    New outbreaks (3)
    Summary of outbreaks
    Total outbreaks (3)
    Outbreak location 1: Zateryanny mir, Chelyabinsk gorsovet,

  • PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza, human (20): Cambodia (SI) H9N2
    Sun, 19 Sep 2021 19:23:42 -0400
    Avian Influenza -- Cambodia
    In February 2021, routine sentinel surveillance for influenza-like illness in Cambodia detected a human avian influenza A(H9N2) virus infection. Investigations identified no recent H9N2 virus infections in 43 close contacts. One chicken sample from the infected child's house was positive for H9N2 virus and genetically similar to the human virus.
    Communicated by:
    Jurre Siegers
    Institute Pasteur du Cambodge

    [ProMED thanks Jurre Siegers for sharing the early